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Waterbalance helps people to calculate their daily water intake and track the level of hydration.

Originally this app was released in 2013 and since then it’s been used by 150 000 people monthly worldwide.

IDS Borjomi in close cooperation with Rosberry has decided to facelift the app, recode it using up-to-date programming languages and think through its further development.

The goal was to take a fresh look at the design and make adding a drink simpler, so that a user could do it quicker and more regularly during the day.
Design • Documentation • iOS • Android • Backend • Quality Assurance • Support
About client
IDS Borjomi Russia, the leader of the bottled drinking water market in the Russian Federation, is a part of IDS Borjomi International - the largest producer of natural bottled water in the CIS and the Baltics.

The portfolio of IDS Borjomi Russia comprises such famous brands as Borjomi, Saint Spring and Edelveis. In Ukraine IDS Borjomi is represented by the Morshinska brand, in Georgia by the Bakuriani and Borjomi brands.
We started working on the project from diving into the subject domain itself:

1. We studied the stats collected by IDS Borjomi.
2. We conducted competitive intelligence.
3. We identified our target audience, profiled it from a social and demographic perspective, found out its movitation.
4. We described the personas representing our typical users.
5. We scripted a user-app interaction.

The result of this analytical effort was the documentation which was maintained and complemented throughout the project. Based on it we did drafting and wireframing from square one.
Drafting and wireframing
The most important stage is drafting and wireframing. Since we are planning to have lots of updates and enhancements in furture, we have to lay a good foundation for the app to grow and make progress.

It was also necessary to come up with a user-friendly process of adding a drink, so that it would take just a couple of seconds and a user could get into the habit of adding each and every drink consumed.
Adding a drink
Adding a dring in a quick and easy way is ensured in two ways:

1. One-gesture adding.
2. Automatic sorting of drinks at the next start of the app.

In the majority of cases a user will see the drink he needs on the main screen and will be able to just pull it upwards to choose the volume required.

The users who care much about consumption statistics can specify the details of when and where they drink water just to use this data to understand when and what drinks they drink particularly often. Types of their activities are also sorted based on popularity.
User profile
A user profile is the second main screen in the app. It can be opened by simply swiping the main screen down and contains all the stats known about the user.
We have created lots of illustrations to help use the app easier.

Images of drinks help users understand how much fluid they have consumed — a cup, a glass or a bottle.

Achievement icons motivate users to maintain their water balance and get better results.
We have also designed special branded backgrounds for Russia, Georgia and Ukraine which also come and go depending on the season.
Daily water intake calculation
Margarita Korolyova is a well-known Russian nutrition expert and an author of several books about healthy eating. She devised a custom formula for daily water intake calculation. This formula makes allowance for the basic factors influencing the hydration level: physical body parameters, sports, sleep, meals and weather.
More than 150 app mock-ups
The app, in a simple and effective way, resolves the main user's task - control over the amount of fluid consumed. At the same time it has a lot of additional functions and internal hidden logic. For example, a user can read hints and tips about drinking water, calculate water intake for a friend or choose the units of measure and the language to be used in the app.
Application for smartwatches
It's important that a user could add a drink really quick, so we've developed a smartwatch app companion which allows to add the consumed drinks on the go.
We’ve succeeded at relaunching the much-loved app: long-standing loyal users are happy with the updates and use the app even more often whereas the new ones are sharing great feedback and reviews. For the first two months the DAU number had a 23% increase whereas the all ratings average across App Store and Google Play received the boost of 0,4. That is actually a hefty increase given the app background and the number of active loyal users.

Waterbalance is going forward to unfold new functionalities, features and enhancements.
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