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Tripinsurance is an online insurance platform for non-package travelers. Given the competition, the company stands out as having an award-winning service and trustworthy medical facilities to partner with.

In the early days of the company travelers used to effect a policy of insurance on the website only. A mobile app has helped to purchase coverage in a faster and friendlier way ensuring that an insurance policy will always be within easy reach.
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Insurance service
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Insurance service
A Policy Card
A policy is just the very nucleus of the app — it is a document which the insurance service is built around. We wrapped a complex and lengthy ‘paper’ into a well-balanced card containing the most important insurance information.
To make all policies look engaging, we worked through an all-round card structure and for every of 174 countries we chose a recognizable landscape.
Coverage Purchase
At the design stage we thought through the flow to make it linear and understandable. As a basis we took the purchase process designed initially for the website, but made allowance for the new mobile device experience.
A policy card retains the context of all previous steps, makes the purchase process even more vivid and predictable. A traveler’s insurance policy is issued right before their eyes.
Insurance Policy Underway
If you face any issue throughout the issuance process: forgot your mother-in-law’s name or the number of your credit card, you can put the purchase on hold for a while. The app will store your data and will resume the process from where you stopped.
After the purchase the app will take care of the data entered: will create a traveller’s profile, save a policy, your personal data as well as the payment method. So the next purchase will take around two minutes.
Microanimations we worked through attract and focus user’s attention on crucial elements making the interaction with the interface even smoother and pleasing.
Should anything go wrong our “genial handbags” will help you understand what happened and how to move on.
Insured Event
In case insured case occurs an online call as well as an in-app chat will help travellers to contact the support in a faster way. Given the cost of roaming services, we chose to use Internet connection.
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