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The app is an ideal combination of Uber and AirBnb for photographers, videographers and clients. Zazzi knits users together to swiftly and easily create photos and videos.

Zazzi is developed with every focus on the photographers' and videographers' needs and expectations. Customers contact talented contractors to take photos at a time and place of their choosing, whereas photographers expand their customer base and use their time even more efficiently.
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For Influencers
Our app is for the influencers who are pushing forward certain brands. Oftentimes they have to hire photographers since high-quality content is one of the most important sources of influence on their followers.
Good for All
Yet Zazzi is not actually a niche product. There are so many situations when families, sportmen, cosplayers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, etc. are in need of a good photographer or a videographer to capture that certain moment.
Easy to Find
Our Uber-like app let a user choose a place for a photo shoot session for Zazzi to recommend the top specialists in the field. A user can check through the photographers close-by on the map whereas the list itself can be filtered.
Find the One
The filter lets you find specialists in different fields. Be it a wedding, family vacation, formal or sporting events, meetings or impromtu parties with friends.

A user has to no more adjust him/herself to photographers' schedules. They can choose the time and place they like snd Zazzi will offer the best options.
Zazzi Profile
A user can choose a photographer who fits the requirements in the best possible way in terms of area of expertise, the cost, rating and reviews.
Quick booking: choose a photographer, time and place. It's only a confirmation you'll have to wait for.
For Those Who Can
Professional photographers and videographers will be able to expand their customer base or get new skill-sets. Photography is their main business, they have been in it for over 10 years.
For Those Who Learn
We will let beginners create profiles with attractively priced services for them to learn faster and expand their customer base.
Planning & Scheduling
A calendar is there for planning photographers' time making additional clients a part of their current schedule fitting them in between usual and Zazzi jobs.

A photographer creates a calendar with a working schedule and leaves free slots for potential new clients.
Filling in the Dots
Clients and photographers can chat with each other to hammer out all the details before a photo shoot. For example, they may find out the number of those who will take part in the session or certain client's expectations.
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