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Trusted Insight is an institutional sydication platform for investment professionals from around the world. The mobile app developed by Rosberry helps its users to take financial decisions 24 hours a day, 7 day a week.
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Monthly investor leaderboards as ranked by Trusted Insight
Faces on magazine covers are prominent representatives of the Trusted Insight users — professional investors aged 30-55 who manage over 18 Trillion in AUM. They are always short of time, value mobility and the quality of information.
The news feed is the main source of information in Trusted Insight. It includes 8 types of content either of which solves a user's certain task. News, hire data, industry event boards and top investor leaderboards as ranked by Trusted Insight.
In the web version the whole content was divided into several tabs and a user had to switch between them to get the information needed. In the mobile app we offered the client to change the way the information is presented. A new structure let us channel the whole content into a news feed, minimize the number of taps and give up on the redundant tabs and switches between them.
News cards variations
Industry news is aggregated daily from out 100 sources, but in a news feed each user sees only personalized and curated content. A user chooses industries of interest and topics while registering in the app.
If a user's photo is missing, the system will generate an avatar with the user's initials used and one of the custom gradients applied.
After launching Version 1 we noticed that a lot of logos do not fit the regular tetragon. So by the time of launching of Version 2 we came up with a solution which would ensure that each logo of whatever ratio could look properly.
Thanks to the chat integrated into the app, a user can cosult an expert on a real-time basis, share valuable content, resolve business issues or congratulate a colleague on a successfull deal made.
With consent of a user the app searches the phone contacts and finds the people who are already registered in Trusted Insight.
Version 1 was released in a very fast manner as we made the whole system as simple as possible. That approach let us set the product going and start prooftesting it under actual usage conditions. Based on the data gathered we kept on working on the app paying greater attention to details and user experience.
First versions of the app for iOS and Android were published in June 2016. Within the next 12 months we kept on enhancing the product and released dozens of updates.
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