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Sleep Easy is a comprehensive sleep solution that has been developed over 25 years by Dr. Richard Shane, internationally-renowned sleep expert. Dr. Shane specializes in treating chronic insomnia and has worked with thousands of patients referred by over 140 physicians. The easy-to-use iOS app brings this effective method to the public, making good sleep more accessible than ever.
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Sleep Challenges
To start using the Sleep Easy mobile app, you’ll choose from over 35 different Sleep Challenges that can interfere with healthy and deep sleep including anxiety, sleep apnea, sleep medication, chronic pain, PTSD, restless legs, and many others. Based on the challenges you choose, the app delivers personalized programs specialized for those sleep issues.
The app includes 100+ sleep treatments & programs with new content being added regularly. The Core Treatment Program has helped thousands of patients sleep better, with an 81.6% efficacy in clinical trials. Unlike other digital solutions, Sleep Easy does not consist of meditations, sleep stories or gimmicks. The sleep treatment is designed to create new neurological pathways that retrain your body for sleep.
In addition to treatment programs, the app contains an extensive library of content including mini-sessions on sleep hygiene. These sessions are designed to offer tips on lifestyle behaviors and home environment changes that promote optimal sleep.

These mini-sessions cover topics ranging from sleep supplements to how caffeine might affect your sleep and even sleeping with pets. Almost all of these sessions contain material developed by Dr Shane and not found in other presentations about sleep hygiene.
When you create a profile in Sleep Easy you have the ability to change your Sleep Challenges at any time. You also get access to reminders to listen to your sleep recordings as you work through the programs.

The next day the app will offer the option to rate the quality of your sleep. These metrics are stored in the profile section for you to keep track of your progress.
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