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This app is about creating. It allows you to color pixels, draw pixels and "make everything pixels" using your camera. Without further introduction, let's take a look at the Library screen which is the first screen you will see.
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The main screen features a huge set of sketches broken down into categories. Each sketch has its own tag allowing to choose a category you like in a fast and easy way. All artworks are saved into the “My works” tab.
3D pixels? I’m calling the police
Voxels, actually. And yes, you can color pixel-art image in 3 dimensions (more dimensions will surface with the next update). Rotate the thing as you want, the goal is to find all uncolored voxels.
This is the place where all the magic happens. The gameplay is simple — choose the color, find matching pixels and color them. The user is able to change the pre-loaded color scheme. Every color is editable, so your imagination is the only limit.
Once the sketch is successfully colored, the user gets to the "Share" screen. This screen allows to see the painting process in a fast-play mode and share this video with friends.
Okay, anything else?
Already tired of coloring? How about creating something of your own? "Create" category contains two different ways for crafting the content: drawing and pixelating photo. Your masterpiece can be featured and shared to other people. Create, share, inspire!
A task that we solved
Our client as the mind behind the app sees PixelCraft as not only the source of relaxation but also as an income source. So there are actually two apps rolled into one — each of them pursuing its own aim and intended for different audiences.
That’s how mafia works
A good app should not only bring pleasure but has to also raise money so that the developers could be able to feed their IRL cats. PixelCraft is not an exception. To test our assumptions we used A/B Testing — released two different app versions into the stores. That’s how PixelArt’s evil brother was born. Yes, it has the ads. And our goal was to make interaction with the ads as smooth as possible.
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